GENERAL Information

19 modernly designed houses within walking distance of the sandy beach.

Price from €181.496 including expenses.

Triton Sea View is situated in a location with spectacular views of the sea, mountains and green fields of Northern Crete, only 700 meters away from the longest sandy beach on the island. A modern holiday project, which is perfect for all year round living: the ideal home for everyone.

There are two types of properties; houses with either 1 or 2 floors. Each property has a sea view, its own private garden and roof terrace, some of them equipped with shade-providing pergolas.

The style is modern and has a feeling of endless summertime. The houses will be well insulated to meet the standards of Energy class B and will be perfect for all year round residency.

Triton Sea View was named after the ancient Greek Sea God Triton, the messenger of gods to the seas. Triton was depicted as a Merman (male mermaid) blowing a horn to calm the waves on his father Poseidon’s orders. Just as Triton calmed the waves, so Triton Sea View offers calm and tranquillity to its residents. The sea breeze and view, the mountains and valleys and, above all, the modernly designed homes, are the horn which soothes everyone’s soul at the Triton Sea View.

The delightful common areas of Triton Sea View with their breath-taking views of the sea and mountains offer two inviting swimming pools with children’s section, and a seating area with benches among pretty flowers for a truly relaxing environment.

Tritons’ modern design with summer hues will create a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for relaxation. The unique spacious grassed area offers an atmosphere of freshness and calm and is maintained by an automated watering system. This green and luscious lawn has the possibility to host special events and functions.

A handsome BBQ area with traditional oven, situated next to a shaded eating area, provides the perfect setting for dining al fresco while enjoying the mesmeric views of the Cretan seascape.


EOT is the Greek National Tourist Organization and its license is required in order to rent out your property. Above all else, it provides the opportunity to earn a very satisfactory income from your property.  Triton Sea View is designed to be the ideal home for everyone. Whether you seek elegance, peace and tranquillity or just a cosy holiday home, Triton Sea View is the place you want to be.

TECHNICAL Specification

Additions and changes

  • Individual modifications are possible. Modifications will be accepted only after a written request from the customer.


  • Shower corner with tiles and glass door.
  • One shower tap (hot and cold water mix)
  • One wash basin.
  • One wash-basin tap (hot and cold water mix).
  • One porcelain toilet unit – cantilever type.
  • One porcelain toilet flush unit.
  • One soap stand.
  • One toilet paper stand of galvanized steel.
  • Build bench with wash basin covered with ceramic tiles according to the drawings
  • Mirror cabinet (1 m) as in the 3D drawing
  • Tiles on the floor/wall with one line of decorative tile.
  • Floor drainage with the necessary floor inclination.

Common Area

  • The common area around the pool will be covered with tiles and the lawn according to the drawings.
  • The road and parking areas will have an asphalt surface.
  • The common road inside the project will have Cretan stone surface.


  • Inverter Air-condition/heating pump units will be installed in every bedroom and sitting room to provide heating and cooling. In the bathroom electric under floor heating will provide heating
  • Doorbell, Telephone and Television
  • All units have a doorbell.
  • Telephone socket/Internet in the bedrooms and living room.
  • All houses will have the necessary built in cable networks to receive TV antenna.

Electrical installations

  • All the houses will be ready to be connected to the Hellenic Public Electricity Corporation (ΔΕΗ) network. Electric supply meter of each house will be installed according to the instructions of the Public Electricity Corporation.
  • Fuse box with automatic fuses.
  • Separate fuses for the oven, water heater and floor heating.
  • Light points and sockets will be installed as follows:

Living room

  • 1 double socket for the TV.
  • 1 TV/SAT antenna outlet.
  • 1 telephone/Internet socket.
  • 2 double sockets near to sofas.
  • Ceiling lights.

Halls/corridors or staircases

  • 1 ceiling lamp outlet with corresponding two-way switch in halls, long corridors and staircases.


  • Independent supply line with a separate fuse (25A) in the fuse box for the electric kitchen.
  • 1 el. socket for the fridge and freezer.
  • 1 el. socket for the dishwasher.
  • 1 el. point for the kitchen extractor fan.
  • 2 double waterproof electric sockets above the kitchen work desk in two different points in the kitchen walls.
  • 1 lamp outlet under the overhead cupboards.
  • Downlights in the ceiling and under the cupboards.


  • 1 ceiling lamp outlet with corresponding switches.
  • 1 double el. socket where the TV should be.
  • 2 electric sockets – one on each side of the bed (single bed bedroom will have one double el. Socket).


  • 1 ceiling lamp outlet with corresponding switch.
  • 1 lamp outlet above the mirror with corresponding switch.
  • 1 el. socket next to the bathroom door.

Exterior (Main entrances, patios, terraces, roof terraces)

  • 1 lamp outlet with corresponding switch above the main entrance.
  • 1 lamp outlet with corresponding switch above every balcony door.
  • 1 el. waterproof socket on patio, terrace and balcony.

Energy Class

  • The necessary measures will be taken regarding insulation and quality of materials in order to be energy class B approved.


  • Fences and parapet walls will be erected according to the architectural drawings.


  • Optional


  • Internal floors will have ceramic tiles of high quality and of modern design.


  • The guarantee for the structural elements of the building is according to Greek law. Guarantee for the decorative materials and non-structural elements is one year.

Hot Water

  • Hot water supply in the shower, bath, bathroom wash basin and the kitchen sink by solar panel heater.

The kitchen will be of high-quality materials. Every Kitchen will have:

  • Sink with drainage area.
  • Chromium mixing tap (hot and cold water).
  • Kitchen work desk 60cm wide (length according to architectural drawings).
  • Cupboards under the work bench.
  • Overhead cupboards above the work bench.
  • At least four drawers under the work bench.
  • Porcelain tiles or wood between the work bench and overhead cupboards.
  • Cooker top.
  • Stove.
  • Built in fridge
  • Built in dishwasher.
  • Electrical kitchen extractor fan.


  • Internal walls and ceilings will be painted with acrylic paint, off-white colour.
  • Exterior painting according to the drawings.


  • Outside patio areas will have ceramic tiles.


  • Optional

Private gardens

  • The private gardens will be not be landscaped and this is optional.
  • An automatic water system is optional.

Sewage network

  • A complete waste water network will be assembled within the development.
  • All the houses will be connected to a central sewage network. The waste will be directed to under ground septic tanks around the project.

Storage room

  • Some of the houses have storage room inside according to the drawings.

Swimming pool

  • 2 common swimming pools. On plot C 77 m2 and on plot E 79m2.
  • The swimming pools will have two shower units.


  • There will be one ventilation hole in each room. The ventilation holes will have protective net on the exterior side and an adjustable lid on the interior side.


  • Exterior walls: double (cavity) wall of 9x19x19cm clay bricks with 5cm of extruded polyethylene boards in between.
  • Interior walls: single layer of clay bricks
  • Plastering in three layers
  • Concrete beams and columns will be covered with 5cm of extruded polyethylene boards


  • In each bedroom, there will be wardrobe cabinets according to the drawings.

Water network

  • The development will be ready to be connected to the municipality water network. In each house water will be supplied to:
  • Kitchen: sink and dishwasher.
  • Bathrooms: washbasin, shower tub, washing machine.
  • Exterior water supply: one water supply with a tap will be installed in every patio, balcony, first-floor terrace and accessible roof terrace.
  • If the installation of a water pressure pump is required, then the owners will cover its cost and installation.

Windows and door frames

  • Exterior door frames and windows will be aluminium profiles (white colour) with double glazed glass panels.
  • Exterior doors and windows in all bedrooms will have external shutters if technically possible.
  • Main entrance door will be made of white aluminium with a security lock.
  • Internal doors will be of pressed wood.
  • Internal doors will have locks and aluminium handles.


Triton Sea View is located near the coastal village of Kavros, a charmingly picturesque holiday resort with all the amenities you may need. Its location is almost in the centre of Crete, which makes it easy to visit all the sights on the island. In Kavros you can find all the facilities you may need, such as supermarkets, tavernas, car rental, bars and much more besides. And all of this within walking distance.

Furthermore, the longest sandy beach in Crete lies at your feet, offering endless opportunities for fun or relaxation. Lying only 3.5 km away from the seafront of Kavros is Crete’s only freshwater lake; the famous Lake Kournas, a magnificent natural lake with lush green surroundings, and which according to local legend is said to be bottomless. Here you can try a traditional meal in one of many waterside tavernas and take advantage of the water sports available, such as the popular pedal boats, and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the lake. In about 3 km from Kavros Sea Front View is located the famous beach resort of Georgioupolis.

Georgiopolis, once a fishermen village has now become a tourist resort with outstanding natural beauty. There you can find the river of Almyros which is connected to the sea through a beautiful small port. In Georgioupolis area, you can find a variety of restaurants, beach bars, super markets and everything else you might need.


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Property NameBedroomsBathroomsSizePriceStatus
Triton Sea View 1032109 Sq M€280,507Sold
Triton Sea View 72151 Sq M€181,496Sold
Triton Sea View 83293 Sq M€276,846Sold
Triton Sea View 13294 Sq M€259,910Available
Triton Sea View 53286 Sq M€248,089Available
Triton Sea View 1432113 Sq M€293,292Sold
Triton Sea View 232101 Sq M€291,667Sold
Triton Sea View 332101 Sq M€281,127Sold
Triton Sea View 63289 Sq M€257,456Sold
Triton Sea View 1532108 Sq M€303,515Sold
Triton Sea View 1932113 Sq M€308,120Sold

Prices include VAT 24% on the contract value, notary fee, registration fee, EOT-license fee and electricity and water connection fee.

Lawyer’s fee is not included in the prices.  Price list is subject to changes.