Villa Casa Sanguinazzo historical building

Amnatos 741 00, Greece
For Sale €680,000 + Expenses - Villa
VR321 200 Sq M 5 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms
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The village of Amnatos has a unique position on a hill with panoramic views of Rethymno as well as a lush vegetation that has fascinated people since antiquity. This is evidenced by the finding of an inscription referring to the name “Amn”, as well as the hypothesis of some researchers that in this area there should be an ancient city called Tripod. Undoubtedly, the village peaked during the Venetian domination, when it was referred to as Amnato.

This is testified by the fortress-type urban fabric as well as the unique Venetian buildings with the Sanguinazzo mansion. In the triangular doorway of this great house was the family’s coat of arms, the eagle and the epigram: Initium sapientiae timor Domini (= Authority of Sophia fear of the Lord). Later, during the Ottoman domination, the village was inhabited by Ottomans, who must have built a mosque with a minaret, as Pashley describes in his descriptions. Since the same time, ruins of a Turkish tower have been identified outside the village. In recent years he hosted the famous “Arkadi School”, where the Monks of the Holy Monastery were attending.

Amnatos is closely related to the Holocaust of Arcadia, since most of its inhabitants were in the monastery at that tragic time. Among them are the heroine Hariklia Daskalaki or Daskaloharikleia with her three sons. In honor of all the fallen Amnatsans, proud of their descendants, they built a monument in the center of the village.

The name of the village is believed to have Minoan roots, as Minoan settlements were found near the town of Amnatos. Interesting architectural features and several Venetian buildings survive in the area. Of particular interest is the gates of the restored Venetian mansion dating back to the 16th century. century, of Sanguinazzo, in the square of the village. On the drum, the epitaph is preserved: INITIUM SAPIENTIE TIMOR DOMINI (PRINCIPE OF SOFIA FEAR OF LORD).

In the Amnatos settlement there is a Folklore Museum with the supervision of the local Cultural Association and the “Municipal Museum of the History of Greek Education”.

Its inhabitants (about 150 to 200) are mainly farmers, olive growers and livestock farmers. As genuine Cretan hospitality making their place dear to the world. They love their place, they respect their history and try to maintain their characteristic. Enter the narrow streets with their rare architecture and you will surely get images that will remain unforgettable. In the central square there is a traditional cafe, which offers apart from good company, raki and genuine local appetizers. A little further is the church of Agia Marina which is honored by the village.

The road to the village of Amnatos is a tour of the flora and fauna of Crete as you pass through a lush landscape with ravines full of oaks, oaks, cypresses, olive trees, carob trees and vegetable gardens. For the fanatics of the species there are entire slopes wooded with fragrant shrubs, myrtles, laurels, thorns, oregano and sage.


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