Forty apartments ranging in size from 60 m² to 95 m² with roof  terraces and a magnificent communal garden.

Pigi Paradise truly gives you the feeling of being in the heart of an authentic Cretan village offering beautiful surroundings with views of the sea, the neighbouring mountains and the majestic olive groves

It combines the best of Greek charm and simplicity with up-to-the-minute modern facilities and home comforts. On a plot of 11,000 square metres and boasting a magnificent 200 square metre swimming pool with children’s section, there is also an extensive communal garden with lush lawns and aromatic plants & flowers. The property borders two traditional villages, Pigi and Loutra, where you can enjoy a typical Cretan meal or simply a Greek coffee while watching the world go by…

Great consideration has been invested in the architectural planning of the 40 units which make up Pigi paradise, with the traditional Cretan village being used as an archetype. Features include landscape gardening, automatic sprinklers, exterior lighting and an impressive barbeque area on a covered patio.Conveniently situated just 2.5 kilometres from the nearest beach and 10 kilometres from the centre of Rethymno, with a bus stop on the doorstep, Pigi Paradise has the ideal location.

TECHNICAL Specification

Brick assembly
•    Exterior Walls: Double binary bricks with insulation.
•    Interior Walls: Basic bricks.

•    Exterior Walls: Plaster is set in 3 coats with 3 layers of acrylic paint as a finish against moisture.

•    The common area, stairways and the main section of the floor in the complex, are laid with natural marble tiles.
•    The bedrooms and balconies are laid with ceramic tiles.
•    The floors in the bathrooms and toilets are laid with marble tiles.

Windows and Doorframes
•    All exterior window and door frames are delivered in aluminium.
•    All interior doors are delivered in pressed wood.
•    Dual windows are installed for increased insulation.
•    All windows include mosquito screen.

Building Interior and Painting
•    Every kitchen cupboard is coated with a melamine finish and counters in MDF.
•    Double wardrobe closets in all bedrooms.
•    The architect with the owner’s approval chooses all colour schemes.

•    Sink.
•    Toilet.
•    Corner shower with glass door.
•    Bathroom interior with mirror and high cabinets.
•    Other bathroom hardware.    Plumbing system
•    Hot water is produced by its own solar panel.

Electrical Installation
•    Fuse box in metal – automatic fuses made by Siemens.

Doorbell, Telephone and Television
•    Every apartment had an exterior doorbell.
•    Double telephone jacks are installed.
•    An antenna is pre- installed on the roof, which transmits reception to every apartment in the complex.

Central Heating and Cooling
•    Each apartment has its own independent heating and cooling system.
•    Underground heated floors
•    Air Conditioning in bedrooms

Swimming Pool
•    The pool is 200m², including a 20 m² children’s pool.

Common Area
•    Open common area at 180m², with stone flooring, covered patio and a barbeque.
•    Maintained lawn with decorative plants.
•    Automatic water sprinklers.
•    Outdoor lighting.

•    Limited to one space per apartment

Additions or Changes
•    Any changes or additions requested by the owner need to be carried out by the contractors, only with a written request by the owner.


Pigi is a beautiful village which is mentioned under the same name in Venetian records of the 16th and 17th centuries. According to certain researchers, the name derives from the existence of a spring near the river ‘Pigiano’ or ‘Pigio’, which was destroyed by an earthquake and has run dry.

Pigi is the birthplace of one of Greece’s most renowned writers Pantelis Prevelakis. The house of Prevelakis can be found by wandering through the picturesque alleyways of the village.

The elegant square of the village is embellished by the Monument to the Fallen of Pigi and Agios Dimitrios in the great battles of the 20th century.
Loutra, the village next to Pigi, was once occupied by a number of Ottomans who were replaced in 1922 by people from Asia Minor. The name Loutra comes from the 16th century and meant Venetian fountain.

The people of Adele occupy themselves with traditional agriculture work, stock breeding and during the recent years with tourism business offering considerable services to all visitors.

The location of Pigi Paradise is perfect to use as a base for various excursions throughout the island of Crete as its distance from the most famous island sights is very short.
Choosing to stay within these traditional and quiet surroundings gives the visitor a chance to taste Cretan Hospitality and get to know the history and the traditions of Crete.

Property NameBedroomsBathroomsSizePriceStatus
Pigi Paradise Aphrodite III72 Sq M€115,000Sold
Pigi Paradise Poseidon V2186 Sq M€125,000Sold
Pigi Paradise Athena I2174 Sq M€139,000Sold
Pigi Paradise Zeus III2173 Sq M€89,950Sold
Pigi Paradise Poseidon IV2181 Sq M€140,000Sold