We can provide you with any insurance arrangement with INTERAMERICAN the most reliable insurance company in Greece, for your property and other assets, e.g. contents, car insurance, health etc.

HOME Insurance

Our home is one of our most important assets. It is one of our most precious assets in which we have invested both financially and emotionally. However, it is daily exposed to numerous risks caused by natural or man-made factors. Fire, explosion, earthquake, floods, burglary are unpredictable dangers that can damage the property we have worked hard to acquire.

HEALTH Insurance

Through a complete Health System, the pioneering health insurance plan MEDISYSTEM ensures the provision of high quality medical services at all healthcare levels. It offers a global healthcare system, which focuses both on prevention and diagnosis as well as the treatment of health problems, simple ones or cases that require immediate and coordinated action. MEDISYSTEM comprises three different plans from which you can choose the one that best meets your own personal needs.