EXPERT HELP: Protect Your Property Costs

All enquiries receive free help and support from Hawk FX on how to protect the cost of their property from currency market volatility. A member of the Hawk FX team will contact you to offer help and answer any questions.

Buying a property in Greece will for most of us involve a conversion of money between currencies. Whether it is deposit followed by a balance, stage-payments on new build or mortgage payments, you’ll need the help of an international payment specialist to ensure you don’t lose money to poor exchange rates, high bank charges or currency market volatility.

The two most common mistakes that many people make are thinking about currency transfer towards the end stages of the buy process and mistakenly turning to high street banks for help, resulting in them losing thousands. When in fact they should be getting guidance from a currency transfer specialist when they are serious about buying a property overseas.

We have arranged for a dedicated Currency Transfer Expert at Hawk FX to provide our clients with tailored guidance and a guarantee of excellent exchange rates. They will help you avoid losing money and give you peace of mind, knowing that you are getting the best exchange rate, protection against currency market volatility and your currency transfer will arrive on time in the right account.

A dedicated Currency Transfer Expert is ready to help you with your property purchase plans.

Tell us about your overseas property plans or simply ask a question, the team at Hawk FX have many years experience delivering the best exchange rates and ensuring currency transfers are hassle-free for our clients.

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Expert Help For Your Currency Transfers

We know that currency exchange is something you might not think about that much when buying overseas property. However, you could be losing thousands on your international currency transfers.

Hawk FX can help you. And have created a guide to highlight the hidden costs you could be paying, explain what goes into a currency exchange, and ultimately how to get maximum value and protection when making international money transfers.